Dr Muir will be speaking for EUCC on “Future Scenarios for the Arctic Ocean and Implications for Arctic High Seas Regulation, Ecosystems and IUU Fishing” n the 10th International Forum of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing


By Dr. Magdalena A K Muir, Advisory Board Member, Climate and Global Change, EUCC; and Research Associate, Arctic Institute of North America (AINA)

On March 16 2017, Magdalena Muir will be chairing a session and speaking on behalf of EUCC and AINA in the 10th International Forum of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing at Chatham House,taking place in London on March 16th and 17th (see agenda here Chatham House – 10th International IUU Fishing Forum – Agenda 1.0 and conference website https://www.chathamhouse.org/event/10th-international-illegal-unreported-and-unregulated-fishing-forum).

Dr Muir will be speaking on “Future Scenarios for the Arctic Ocean  and Implications for Arctic High Seas Regulation, Ecosystems and IUU Fishing” in the Session entitled “Tragedy of the Commons: Regulating the High Seas”.

Within her  allotted speaking time, Dr. Muir will present three future Arctic Oceans scenarios for the period of 2025 onwards that will  consider differing economic, environment and  political/governance  frameworks for the Arctic Ocean and adjacent Arctic and Arctic-engaged states including Scandinavia and Europe.

The future Arctic Ocean scenarios will be differentiated in terms of greater focus on environmental and conservation, commercial exploitation or greater militarization or governance shifts. Climate impacts, adaptation and mitigation  within the Arctic and globally will be included in all scenarios, with some variation on adaptation and mitigation under different scenarios

Dr. Muir will develop brief graphical presentation including maps to illustrate  the Arctic Oceans and the  various scenarios and to precipitate discussion among presenters and during the ensuing  Q and A session. This presentation, as well as a report from the event, will be subsequently made available on this blog.

Scenarios are being used is to provide a context for an animated discussion of the Arctic Ocean and other high seas including:near term future of the Arctic Ocean, regions within the Arctic (North America, Scandinavia, Europe and Asia), and Arctic states and other  Arctic-engaged  states; implications for IUU fisheries and their regulation in the Arctic and other high seas, and to allow comparisons and contracts between the Arctic, Antarctica and other high seas regions.

Please see document here  or link below for background information on  status of Arctic IUU fisheries: http://pubs.aina.ucalgary.ca/arctic/Arctic63-3-373.pdf

The website for the event is available here at https://www.chathamhouse.org/event/10th-international-illegal-unreported-and-unregulated-fishing-forum


Extract from Agenda 

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing 10th International Forum 16th and 17th March, 2017

Chatham House | London Day 1: Thursday 16th March 

11:45 – 13:15 | Session 2 | ‘Tragedy of the Commons’: Regulating the High Seas 

How can the gap between international conventions and practical implementation and enforcement on the high seas be bridged? A discussion on the implications of IUU fishing on the Arctic sea will follow the formal presentations, raising important questions around fisheries management and high seas governance predominantly through the lens of the Central Arctic Ocean, which may be navigable as early as the first half of this century.

  • Are current international conventions and instruments effectively mitigating IUU fishing on the high seas?
  • How can we address the intersection of IUU fishing and sustainability in international laws on the high seas?
  • Does the establishment of the Ross Sea MPA, the largest MPA to date, present a model for future progress in governing the high seas?

Chair and Speaker: Magdalena A.K. Muir | Research Associate | Arctic Institute of North America, Universities of Calgary and Alaska Fairbanks

Speaker: Stuart Cory | Special Agent | National Program Manager | NOAA Office of Law Enforcement

Speaker: Michele Ameri | Legal Officer | UN Division for Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea

Speaker: Jane Rumble | Head of Polar Regions Department | UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office