Oceans Day and Oceans Events at UNFCCC COP22 in Marrakech on November 11, 2016

By Magdalena A K Muir, Advisory Board Member, Climate  and Global Change, EUCC

The Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC) was very active with the Global Oceans Forum and the International Coastal and Oceans Organization and other parties in the prior COP21 in Paris France in December 2015. 

EUCC is  supporting oceans events at the Oceans Day at COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco on November 11, 2016. EUCC is supporting the International Coastal and Oceans Organization event, and has previously collaborated with the Plymouth Marine Labratory. Further information, including policy documents and details of meetings will be posted shortly. 

In the meantime, please find a listing of oceans related events taking place in the Blue Zone and the Green Zone on November 11, 2016 in Marrakech.
At this time, these are some of the key oceans events listed in the formal COP22 program in the Blue Zone, where need to be qualified as a COP22 delegate in order to attend. 

 Overall and further information is available at:
There are also oceans events within Green Zone of COP22 on November 11, 2016, where attend without being an official COP22 Delegate.

During the 22nd  Conference of Parties COP22, from the 7th of November to the 18th, in addition to the  side events facilitated by the UNFCCC secretariat in the Blue zone, more side events are scheduled to take place in the Green Zone and in the Morocco Pavilion (Blue Zone).” 
The Side events program in the Green Zone is organized according to thematic days. The calendar of the thematic days has been established in coherence with the global Climate Agenda and the UNFCCC  Actors’ days.

Within the Green Zone, Friday, 11 Nov 2016  has the Theme  of Oceans, Transport and Energy or use link below: