COP 22 Update- Canada and EU grant signing ceremonies for Morocco in support of COP22

By Dr, Magdalena A K Muir, Advisory Board Climate and Global Change, Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC)

As the 22nd Conference of Parties (COP22) to the United Nations Framework Convention Climate scheduled in Marrakech from November 7 to 18, 2016, further support is being provided to the Moroccan government to support this important event.. 

The Government of Canada just made a contribution of $1.4 million Canadian dollars the while European Union contributed 2 million euros. The signing ceremonies involved the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) which has set up a fund to group together donations in support of the logistical organization of COP22, mobilization of civil society, the preparation of side events and communications activities linked to COP22.

During the signing ceremony at the COP22 headquarters, Commissioner Abdelâdim Lhafii, in the presence of the Ambassador of Canada to Morocco Nathalie Dubé, and the UNDP resident coordinator, Philippe Poinsot, thanked Canada for their generous contribution and dedication to ensuring a successful COP in Marrakech. He also reiterated the importance of the entry into force of the Paris Agreement and the first meeting of its Parties (CMA1) during COP22 in Marrakech. Morocco deposited its ratification instruments with the UN on Sept 21 and Canada on October 5. For the COP22 Commissioner, the Marrakech climate change conference will be one of action and implementation.

Ambassador Dubé underscored the importance for Canada of giving a voice especially to the most vulnerable countries and women during the climate change conference. She quoted Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau in saying that “Canada is committed to helping developing countries face the challenges of climate change because many of the most vulnerable countries have not significantly contributed to the problem but are confronted with the consequences.” Canada has recently announced that it will dedicate $2.5 billion dollars of the next 5 years to assist developing countries address climate change. Ambassador Dubé confirmed that the Canadian delegation at COP22 will be numerous and that they are already planning several side events. She saluted the host country of Morocco for “being a leader in renewable energy, especially through the Noor program and for showing the right path to the rest of the African continent.”

Later the same day at the residence of the European Union in Rabat the EU Ambassador to Morocco, Rubert Joy welcomed COP 22 Commissioner Lhafi UNDP Representative Poinsot for the 2 million euro grant signing ceremony. French Ambassador to Morocco, Jean-François Girault was also on hand. Ambassador Joy expressed his pride in supporting COP22 and congratulated Commissioner Lhafi on all the work in preparation of this most important international climate change conference in Marrakech.

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