Climate change and global impact on food security

circle-of-blueSource: circle of blue

Millions more people could live in poverty within the next 15 years as climate change reduces food security around the world, according to a report from the United Nations. India’s Supreme Court will continue deliberations this week over the Cauvery River water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Farmers in Punjab are searching for less water-intensive crops as groundwater supplies drop beyond reach. Concerns about groundwater in Ontario led the province to propose a moratorium on bottled water plants. Low water levels along the Rhine River have disrupted shipping and contributed to high transportation costs. Construction equipment for the controversial Dakota Access oil pipeline was set on fire in Iowa.

“The infrastructure to deliver water to the farmers is centuries-old and has very low conveyance efficiency. This needs to be modernized for optimal use of scarce water.” –Excerpt from a report prepared by a high-level government panel in India that will inform the Supreme Court’s deliberations over a water dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The panel concluded that both states are enduring water shortages, and asked that each “appreciate” the other’s water interests. (Hindustan Times)