TEACH THIS BOOK! (A free book offer for marine educators & libraries)

With the support of a generous foundation grant, the World Ocean Observatory is pleased to announce a free book offer for libraries, schools and colleges where oceanographic and environmental studies are emphasized. Marine educators are invited to request a free hard bound copy of THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN by Peter Neill for library use. There is absolutely no charge to you or your institution. The grant covers costs of the book and shipping.


THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN is grounded in actionable, specific ideas and solutions for preserving the health of the world ocean and our fresh water resources. It aspires to do nothing less than transform our relationship with the world’s most promising and imperiled natural element: the ocean and the inter-connected cycles of water, essential for all aspects of human survival. THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN argues for invention and new solutions, for new answers to fundamental questions, and for a new relationship built around the ocean as a source for new modes of living that are within our grasp if we have the courage to take hold.

Peter Neill and the World Ocean Observatory are dedicated to increasing ocean literacy worldwide. THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN provides essays and conversation topics to get you and your students thinking about and understanding the various ways that human beings affect the ocean, and small and large ways to change behaviors and attitudes to lead us toward a more sustainable future. The seven principles of Ocean Literacy are outlined in THE ONCE AND FUTURE OCEAN and Neill’s writing outlines actionable ideas for our ocean and fresh water future. Write to us today and request a copy for your school library.


Send an email to DIRECTOR@THEW2O.NET with the following information:

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