Bosland 10 Years Anniversary Conference Integrated governance: increasing opportunities for nature and society


Wednesday 12 – Friday 14 October 2016
Business Centre, Centerparcs de Vossemeren, Lommel, Belgium

Bosland, the largest forest and nature project in Flanders, was launched 10 years ago. A decade down the road we can look back on an impressive list of achievements of inclusive and sustainable forest management and governance. Although the core traditional forestry-related activities (timber, wood and biomass production) have been maintained and enhanced, a wide range of innovative approaches with significant social and scientific benefits have been successfully developed in the past years. Bosland is a true example of successful multifunctional territorial development and integrated forest governance.

Bosland’s 10th Anniversary is the occasion to share the main achievements of our project with the world.
Linked with the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process, the conference programme not only celebrates the scale of our achievements, but also provides a platform for stimulating networking. Apart from the specific exchanges on inclusive territorial governance, sustainable forest management and science-based adaptive strategies, the programme also showcases innovative business case development in a challenging socio-economic environment. We are sure that our conference will be of high value to all attending.

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