Virtual Polar Film Festival from September 19 to 22, 2016 with Free Streaming During and After the Event


Organizers have assembled a set of short films, and some longer ones,
around a set of four themes: the cryosphere, polar biology and ecology,
polar regions in the global context, and the human dimension. Each night
scientists with relevant expertise will be watching the films and
available to answer questions via Twitter using #PolarFilmFest.

Event schedule:

– Monday, 19 September: “Frozen Worlds: the cryosphere.” These films
include glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, brinicles, and more.
– Tuesday, 20 September: “Partly Frozen, Mostly Cute: polar ecology and
biology.” These films include penguins, polar bears, Arctic foxes,
sharks, and more.
– Wednesday, 21 September: “Climate and Connections: polar regions in
the global picture.” These films talk about the roles the polar regions
play in the global climate system.
– Thursday, 22 September: “People at the Poles: the human dimension.”
The last day of the film festival explores how people live, work, and
play in the polar regions.

All short films are available for free streaming.

Further information including an event schedule, links to view the
films, and locations and times for various in-person and virtual watch
parties; is available on the Polar Film Festival website: