Photo competition “Me and my Baltic Coast”

Me_and_my_Baltic_Coast_©Vincent Ohnesorge-EUCC-DThe Baltic wide photo competition „Me and my Baltic Coast“ is inviting you to participate and submit pictures of the Baltic Coast as landscape, economic region or living environment until the 15th of September 2016.

The Baltic Sea and its coast are unique: Phenomenal nature, impressing landscapes, inspiring mirroring on the water and then there are us humans and our diverse cultures from Denmark to Estonia, reflecting the life at one of the worldwide biggest seas of brackish water. Show us this world and let us be part of it!

The photo competition “Me and my Baltic Coast” is inviting you to participate and upload your photos until the 15th of September 2016 to display the multifaceted life around the Baltic Coast and to capture the typical as well as unique moments of living at the Baltic Sea. Everybody who lives at the Baltic Coast, or is visiting, is welcome to join: coast dweller, fishermen, sailors, beach walker or water athletes.

Professional as well as amateur pictures, which display the Baltic Sea as landscape, economic region or living environment, are welcome. Everybody is welcome to implement the topics creatively. Participants can submit up to 3 pictures to the competition. An international jury will evaluate the quality and creativity of the contributions. The winning pictures will be awarded with prizes and will be part of a touring photo exhibition.

The competition is organised in the frame of the international project BONUS BaltCoast by EUCC -The Coastal Union Germany and will contemporaneously run in Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The focus of the competition lays on the development of a sustainable management of the Baltic Coast. Pictures concerning the following topics can be submitted:

  • nature, environment and biodiversity
  • life and work at the sea
  • economy and energy
  • tourism and recreation
  • ships and boats
  • climate, weather and the force of nature.

Everybody interested in the competition can upload their picture(s) and include some information. All pictures submitted to the competition have to originate from the Baltic Sea and/or its coastal areas.

The most significant pictures will be awarded in autumn 2016 and will receive great prizes, thanks to the generous sponsors. For instance, there will be the possibility to win a journey to an event in the Baltic region, which is arranged in the frame of BONUS, the joint Baltic Sea research and development programme. Furthermore, two professional picture processing programmes, annual subscriptions to magazines or DVD’s of the “International Ocean Film Tour” will be awarded to the winners.

Partners of the competition are the Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research Warnemünde (Germany), the DTU Aqua (Denmark), the Marine Science and Technology Center Klaipeda University (Lithuania), the Institute of Ecology, Tallinn University (Estonia), the UNESCO Chair in Sustainable Coastal Development, the University of Latvia (Latvia) and the Institute of Hydroengineering, Gdansk (Poland).

Detailed information about the competition, the terms of use, sponsors, etc. can be found here:


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BONUS BALTCOAST project has received funding from BONUS (Art 185), funded jointly by the EU and Baltic Sea national funding institutions.