New Special Coastal & Marine 2016 online!


We are glad to inform that the 2016 special issue of Coastal & Marine is ready available online!! This Special issue   presents the results of the recent  Young Professionals Coastal Community (YPCC) initiatives.

For the second time in the YPCC history students from multiple universities across the EU participated in the last LITTORAL Conference in Klaipeda during our the YPCC workshop. Students from the University of Applied Sciences VHL in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands presented their case studies about risks that come along with accelerated sea level rise on the Frisian Coast and, most importantly, what we should do to mitigate. Another group of Dutch students from the University of Applied Sciences called Hogeschool Zeeland in Vlissingen, the Netherlands researched innovative ways to cope with rising sea level and salt intrusion in the Zeeland Coastline. And finally students from the University of Klaipeda provided some fresh insights into the long-term coastal processes and shoreline erosion and beach nourishment as a possible no-regret measure to cope with these issues.

 This Coastal & Marine is a result of a collaboration between the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC), the YPCC and all participating universities.

Visit the YPCC website  for more information!

Finally, we take this opportunity to invite you to join us in the upcoming LITTORAL Conference in Biarritz