The European Commission call for events focusing on “Investments for a greener future”

signature2016112kok1Do you want to become part of Green Week 2016 ? 

Organise a ‘Green Week 2016 partner event in Europe’, and benefit from the EU official support and branding!

What is the objective?

Investing is about more than money, it is about the changes that we can make. Green Week aspires to become a forum for stakeholders and citizens across Europe to engage and express their views or show examples of how today’s investments can help the idea of a ‘greener future’ become a reality for the generations to come.

So it’s about creating jobs and taking people out of unemployment. It’s about people working together to find innovative solutions to sustainable environmental challenges. It’s about ensuring our children breathe cleaner air on their way to school, it’s about using raw materials and resources more efficiently, it’s about preventing waste, and much more besides.

Green Week 2016 partner events would be all kinds of events taking place at local, national or European level which are relevant to the themes of each day such as seminars and conferences, exhibition and art initiatives, awareness raising events for children and adults, open doors days and guided tours, training and networking events and so on.

When should they take place?

During May and June 2016

Events that are organised during the week of 30 May-3 June 2016 (i.e. at the same time that Green Week takes place) are particularly welcome and could be further promoted, especially if they fit within the themes of the day.

Green Week 2016 focus

  • Monday 30 May: Investing for greener cities (official opening event in Ljubljana)
  • Tuesday 31 May: Investing in our countryside
  • Wednesday 1 June: Investments that make it happen (high level conference in Brussels)
  • Thursday 2 June: Investing in our oceans
  • Friday 3 June: Investing for future generations



Partner Events registration will open in early March and will close on 20 April.

What is the added value to your organisation?

  • If selected, the European Commission will announce your event on the Green Week 2016 website (section: Partner events in Europe).
  • You will be authorised to claim your event as officially part of Green Week 2016, with the help of harmonised EU branding.
  • Your ‘Green Week 2016 Partner event in Europe’ will be in the spotlight

Do you have any questions?

Contact the Green Week team at

Tel. +32 (0)2 340.30.65