Get Involved with the Global Civil Society Platform on Sustainable Development


We have started this group to be an interactive forum for global civil society coordination on the Sustainable Development Agenda, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Climate Agreement. This group is open to all members of civil society and focuses on the following activities:

  • Implementation: Civil society is already convening at the national and regional level- join us to share your story.
  • Monitoring & Accountability: Civil society has begun to collect social, environmental and economic data to hold governments accountable for their 2015 sustainable development commitments- join us to access tools and knowledge.
  • Policy Coordination: There are hundreds of commitments- join us to ensure they are compatible at all levels of governance.
  • Public Mobilisation: While major agreements have been made, many peoples’ needs are not being addressed- join us to ensure all voices are heard.

Working Groups :

If you have an interest in shaping the core direction of the platform, sign up for one of the working groups.These groups are open to all members of civil society and are used to make inclusive decisions about the development of the platform. They are as follows:

  • Outreach & Communications: This group aims to define outreach and communications priorities, including the branding, visual identity and specific messages from the initiative.
  • Resourcing & Projects: This working group considers how we can provide resources to enable this initiative to deliver on the activities set out below.
  • Governance & Membership: This working group is focused on defining the governance architecture of the new platform, it will set out a clear and inclusive process for accountability and election of a leadership group to be established by July 2016.


Activities to Date

On 28 September 2015, a group of civil society leaders from south and north came together under the shared objective to ensure delivery and accountability of the commitments governments have made in 2015 when adopting the Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Climate Change Agreement. We believe that it is essential that the core promise of these new goals is realised and that all people are able to benefit from a wider transformative agenda to build a just and sustainable world.

Over the past two months, the group has developed a range of key joint commitments and we are looking forward to continuing this dialogue. This is your space to share the latest developments in your country and to learn about what is happening across the world- we welcome you to this group and look forward to meeting you at one of our upcoming events.