Giant floating dam that promises to rid the oceans of plastic gets its first trial on open water: Revolutionary 328ft barrier will be installed in the North Sea next year

We are Mediterranean

  • Boyan Slat’s idea on how to rid the seas of the eight millions tons of plastic it holds is being put to the test
  • Technology has already been trialled in Dutch lakes and Japanese waterways but next year’s test will be its first sea
  • It works by using the current to capture floating plastic, allowing aquatic life to safely escape under the buffer
  • If the Ocean Cleanup trials are successful, more trials could be installed around the globe

29600ff200000578-0-image-a-15_1433503748631A revolutionary floating dam (illustrated) that traps plastic bags, bottles and other waste choking the world’s oceans will be tested at sea for the first time next year. The technology has already tested the technology in Dutch lakes

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