Young Professionals Coastal Community (YPCC) – Join us in 2016!

2012_littoral5-330x240The Young Professionals Coastal Community (YPCC) initiative started in 2011 by EUCC and is aimed towards uniting students, their teachers and directors, and a core group of international senior experts to the exchange of information on coastal processes. Since 2011 we have created opportunities for students to participate in events that promote sharing of knowledge between key experts and participate at international conferences. Now the YPCC is looking to further increase its network by adding more experts and universities and thereby increase the exchange of information and insights on the impacts of global change in the coastal zone.

Therefore, YPCC initiative prepared a new programme for 2016 and that will conclude with a workshop session during the LITTORAL conference. If you are a student, teacher or a representative for a university and want to know more, the programme details for participating universities can be downloaded here (link: )

More information about the YPCC at