Global Landscapes Forum in Paris from December 5 to 6, 2015 in Paris, alongside COP 21

By Magdalena A K Muir Advisory Board Member, Climate
The Global Landscapes Forum took place this past weekend in Paris. EUCC was registered as press for this event, and is reporting on some of the highlights of this event. Landscapes includes seascapes and coastal regions. There was a focus on indigenous land rights.

The following reports launched over the weekend.
Click on each entry to find the transcript; these will be added throughout the day:
Land Restoration
New State of the Apes Report on Industrial Agriculture Reveals More Opportunities for Industry, Conservation and Government to Collaborate
Supply Chains
“Realizing zero-deforestation: Transforming supply chains for the future” – CDP Forests Report
Business Investment in Nature
WBCSD launches new platform to increase business investment in nature
Innovative Watershared Project Launches New Goal: Local Residents to Protect a Quarter of Forests Important for Water in Colombia, Peru, Ecuador,
and Bolivia — Release attached.
Australia leads push for Global Rainforest Recovery Plan
Private Sector Roundtable established to conserve forest ecosystems in the Asia-Pacific region

The full event agenda is here. The full list of speakers is  at
Many materials are available online at