Littoral 2016 “The changing littoral. Anticipation and adaptation to climate change”

Call for abstracts now open. Dead line: 1st February 2016. Registration now open

logo_litLittoral 2016 “The changing littoral. Anticipation and adaptation to climate change” is the 13th conference of the traditional biennial international event of the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC). This NPO/NGO was founded in 1989 to promote coastal conservation and sustainable development. It wanted to bridge the gap between scientists, environmentalists, site managers, planners and policy makers. It is presently the largest network of coastal experts in Europe with 15 national branches and several regional offices (the last one “EUCC-Centre Atlantique” was created in 2015 in Biarritz). EUCC-France, the French branch, is proud to organize this conference in Biarritz.


The proposed scientific sessions will be organized in three main thematic groups:

  • “Green coasts. Natural and resilient coasts”,
    • Integrated coastal zone management and climate change in different coastal environments
    • Coastal geomorphology in relationship with climate change (shoreline mobility, storm effects…)
    • Biodiversity, priority Habitats and species conservation
    • Ecosystem services
    • New tools and methods for coastal survey (GIS, remote sensing, LiDAR, simulations and modelling)
    • Current and recent sea-level rising and climate change adaptation
  • “Clean seas. Protection of the marine environment”,
    • Marine strategy Directive implementation to achieve Good Environmental Status (GES)
    • Addressing pressures and impacts (e.g. marine litter, underwater noise, eutropication…)
    • Quality of coastal and sea water (implementation of Water Framework Directive)
    • Coastal environment conservation and climate change
    • Innovative measures and initiatives to address GES (e.g. joint monitoring programmes and plans of measures)
  • “Blue growth; Sustainable development in the coastal and marine environment”.
    • Land-Sea Interactions (ICM) to support Maritime Spatial Planning
    • Adaptation of Coastal and Marine Policies, Legislations and Planning face to climate change
    • Sustainable and Green tourism
    • Ports and marinas development
    • Coastal protection infrastructures and engineering. Working with nature and ecologic engineering
    • Green energies
    • Fisheries and aquaculture
    • Sustainable development and coastal hazards in overseas island face to climate change (especially in the “RUP” – Outermost regions)

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