2nd Iberoamerican Congress on Integrated Coastal Zone Management

The 2nd Iberoamerican Congress on Integrated Coastal Zone Management emphasizes
the “Governance for ecosystem services in coasts and oceans”and will be held in Florianó
polis, SC, Brazil, from the 3rd to the 6th of May 2016. The 2nd ICZM Iberoamerica Congress
intends to give continuity to the goals set in the 1st ICZM Iberoamerica Congress held in
Cádiz, 2012, working on the development of a regional framework for the exchange of
experiences and knowledge that will improve the governance for the coastal sustainability
in Iberoamerica.
The focus of this second edition, the ecosystem based management (EBM), is an approach
that links the environmental health to the human well-being, as the environment provides
valuable natural services, or “Ecosystem Services” to human communities. These services
depend on the complexity of ecosystems, the connections among them, the link between
land, fresh and salt water, and their integration with the human beings. The application of
EBM in marine environments is new, happening mostly as an answer to the deteriorating
state of its ecosystems. This necessity overlaps with the “Aichi Biodiversity Targets”, defined
in the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity for the period from 2011 to 2020.
The Florianopolis Declaration, one of the main objectives of the event, will be the result of
collaboration between assistants and members of the Scientific Committee, and will achie
ve a “framework for the governance of coastal and marine ecosystem services”, with the
ambition to serve as reference for decision-makers and the scientific community.
Given the Ibero-American scope of this Congress, the official languages will be Spanish and
Portuguese. Nevertheless, communications (oral and posters) will be accepted in English.