Government of Catalonia at the World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation, Manchester, 2-4 September

We are Mediterranean

The Catalan Office for Climate Change will present the study “Global Indicator of Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Catalonia” at the World Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation (WSCCA-2015), Manchester, UK 2-4 September 2015.

The study took 83 indicators as its starting point, identifying and classifying 29 key indicators as the methodology was developed. These are grouped under the following headings: water management, agriculture and livestock farming, forestry, health, the energy sector, industry, services and commerce, tourism, town planning and housing, mobility and transport infrastructures, research, development and innovation.

The subsequent statistical analysis of these 29 indicators, with the assistance of the Catalan Institute for the Evaluation of Public Policies (Ivàlua), produced a global adaptation indicator quantifying Catalonia’s capacity to adapt to climate change impacts. This global indicator is based on two factors: use of resources and environmental quality. Effectively, capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change depends…

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