SDG Compass: Consultation on A Guide for Business Action to Advance the Sustainable Development Goals


By Magdalena A K Muir, Climate Editor

The Coastal and Marine Union (EUCC) has been active in the development and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and particularly for the standalone oceans goal. There is now an opportunity to participate in related business action through consultations with SDG Compass, which is a guide on business action to advance the UN SDGs.

The second draft of SDG Compass was released for public consultation, and the consultation will run until 31 July 2015. Feedback is being sought on the following documents:

  • The SDG Compass Guide. Please note that the guide’s Annex includes two examples of 2-page SDG references (SDG 4 and SDG 13). 2-pagers will be developed for each SDG towards the final publication of the guide.
  • An inventory of existing business indicators mapped against the SDGs
  • An inventory of existing impact assessment tools mapped against the SDGs

Feedback can be provided on these documents using this link:
This platform allows reviewers to provide comments on the draft, as well as view and react to other reviewers’ comments. It can also be accessed using a mobile device.

Alternatively, the documents can be downloaded below and feedback may be provided at one or more of the below email addresses.