The MARELITT Toolkits are online!

We are Mediterranean

EUCC Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) and EUCC Mediterranean Centre, both partners of the MARELITT project, are happy to announce that the Toolkit for marine litter retention projects and the Toolkit for derelict fishing gear retrieval projects are now online. 

MARELITT is an EU-funded project led by Milieu and aimed at identifying and disseminating good practices for the removal of litter and derelict fishing gear from the sea. During 2013 and 2014, the MARELITT team assessed marine litter retention by professional fishermen (sometimes referred to as ’fishing for litter’), and derelict fishing gear retrieval projects in Europe. Following the assessment, the MARELITT team supported five pilot projects in the four European regional seas in developing their project plan. Out of this work, a series of good practices was identified and compiled in the Toolkits.

The Toolkits are for anyone who wants to set up a project and learn from the experience of…

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