IRENA/Leonardo Energy Webinar: Scaling Up Renewable Energy Deployment in Island Regions: Insights and Lessons

 Upcoming free webinar on how to scale up renewable energy deployment in island regions. The webinar, organized jointly by IRENA and Leonardo Energy, will share insights from the recent training workshop held in Fiji for the Pacific Islands.

 Topic: Scaling Up Renewable Energy Deployment in Island Regions: Insights and Lessons

 Date/Time: Thu, February 12, 2015 – 12:00 | 1.5 hours (Central European Time)

 Background: Due to their limited land area and remote and dispersed geographical location, many Small Island Developing States are facing compounded challenges in delivering reliable, sustainable and affordable energy services. Various sources have quoted the extreme petroleum dependency with indicative figures as high as over 95% of commercial energy consumption being sourced from imported petroleum in the Pacific Islands. Electricity consumption accounts for about a quarter of imported petroleum in the Pacific, mostly in the form of diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO).

Many islands have announced their commitment to accelerate the transition to renewable energy in the form of renewable energy targets. Adopting binding, credible targets with clear accountability structure provides the foundation for the basic tenets of sound policy design, namely: transparency, longevity and certainty. However, fulfilling the targets carries a host of challenges. This webinar will address common questions that policy makers often face when scaling up renewable energy deployment in Small Island Developing States.

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