EUCC supporting the Atlantic Maritime Strategy to life

EUCC and many more key players from across the maritime sector gathered in Porto on 20th January to share ideas and unlock funding for projects under the Atlantic Maritime Strategy Action Plan.
This first annual Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference, was jointly organised by the European Commission and the Directorate-General for Maritime Policy of the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture and Sea.
Over 400 participants took part in twenty stakeholder-led workshops on topics covering the entire spectrum of the maritime sector including maritime spatial planning, marine litter, which were both organized by the EUCC, as well as, maritime safety, marine biotech coastal tourism and territorial cooperation in the Atlantic. All of themes reflect the priorities agreed under the Atlantic Action Plan to drive the ‘blue economy’ forward.
A final report including the findings and way forward set by the stakeholders in the workshops will be produced and available in due time.
We will keep you updated!