Cold Facts Videos and Expeditions: Snow and Ice Thickness, CryoVEx 2014 and Greenland Ice Cap


Cold Facts supports scientific research in the polar regions and shares scientific insights as a way to promote fact based perspectives on these changing environments. Cold Facts was initiated by Dutch polar explorer Marc Cornelissen and received start-up funding via the Dutch World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Netherlands), an organization with which he has cooperated for more than a decade.

Over the years Marc Cornelissen gained much experience with the cooperation model that Cold Facts implements. The climate research expedition Pole Track (2004-2005) and the Climate Change College (2006-2008) have resulted in a valuable network, experience and lessons learned. Together with leading scientists and institutions suitable protocols and instruments have been developed and tested.

To increase their potential Cold Facts will aim for a long-term program that extends beyond the duration and scope of a single project, as this is the way to create meaningful datasets. Observations over longer time frames and increased spatial resolution increase their scientific value. This will be achieved by facilitating polar travelers who have shown an increased interest to integrate scientific activities in their expedition.

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