“The Power of Collaboration” 4th European Grid Conference on Energy and Democracy, 27 January 2015, 12am – 8pm, Brussels


12:00               Reception and registration13:00               The power sector: evolution or revolution?
Antonella Battaglini, RGI14:00               Innovation and structural change
Inputs and fishbowl discussion •  How can TSOs master the challenges of the                                                                          energy transition? | Boris Schucht, CEO 50Hertz
•  Disruptive storage options | Clemens Triebel, CTO Younicos
•  Collaboration between DSOs and TSOs: policies required to lead the
energy transition | Roberto Zangrandi, Special Advisor EDSO  

15:30               Coffee break

16:00               Energy and Democracy
Inputs and fishbowl discussion

•  Decentralisation: the power of choice | Christoph Bals, Policy Director                              Germanwatch
•  Trust your neighbour: the need for interconnections | Graham Watson,                                President Climate Parliament
•  Big data in the electricity sector: peoples’ concerns and needs | Tor Eigil                            Hodne, Director EU-Office Statnett
•  Greener grids: infrastructure and biodiversity | Ivana d’Alessandro,                                    Secretary of the Bern Convention, Council of Europe  

17:00               The European Energy Union
                        Keynote | Pierre Schellekens, Deputy Head of Cabinet of                                                                 Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete

                        Inputs and fishbowl discussion
•  What should the Energy Union deliver for the electricity sector? | Jerzy                                Buzek, MEP, EPP, Chair of the ITRE Committee
•  Essential market reforms | Ben Vorhoorst, COO TenneT
•  Liberalisation 2.0 | Claude Turmes, MEP, Greens/ European Free                                      Alliance
•  Efficiency vs. flexibility | Monica Frassoni, President Energy                                              Efficiency Alliance
•  There is no ‘Union’ without sustainability | Ariel Brunner, Head of EU                                  Policy BirdLife Europe

18:30                Break

19:00               “Good Practice of the Year”
                        Award Ceremony

•  Priorities 2015 | Marie C. Donnelly, Director for new and renewable                                 sources of energy, energy efficiency and innovation at the European                           Commission
•  Laudatory speech for winning practices | Jo Leinen, MEP, Progressive                               Alliance of Socialists and Democrats

19:45              Reception: drinks and fingerfood

Conference information and registration available here