Sea-level rise and river engineering “spell disaster” for many of the world’s river deltas, say scientists.

Source: BBC

Half a billion people live in deltas, but the newly published research suggests many of these areas are set to be inundated by rising seas.

Some of the lowest lying, including the Mekong and Mississippi, are particularly vulnerable.

The paper is published in the journal Nature.

Lead researcher Dr Liviu Giosan, from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts, said dams and other river engineering had exacerbated the problem by reducing the amount of sediment rivers could carry.

In an article he said was “a call to action before it’s too late”, Dr Giosan said rivers were losing the fight between land and sea.

Deltas are home to some of world's sprawling megacities, including Shanghai
Deltas are home to some of world’s sprawling megacities, including Shanghai
Lower lying deltas, including the Mississippi, could be worst affected by rising sea levels
Deltas such as that of the Irrawaddy River represent a fight between the land and the sea, with rivers depositing sediment and the sea washing it away

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