Sanctuary: Exploring the World’s Protected Areas from Space

Download Sanctuary PDF Here (22MB)

From a recent and dramatic image showing development at the edge of New Zealand’s Mount Egmont National Park to the weaving, interconnected waterways of the Sundarbans in Bangladesh to the stunningly unique beauty of the Namib desert in Namibia, Sanctuary:  Exploring the World’s Protected Areas from Space, captures a new perspective on some of the world’s most interesting, changing, and threatened places.

NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden, writes in the Foreword, “I—as a former astronaut who has looked upon our beautiful planet from space—hope that we can advance the use of space-based remote sensing and other geospatial tools to study, understand, and improve the management of the world’s parks and protected areas as well as the precious biodiversity that thrives within their borders.” Sanctuary advances readers one more step towards that vision.

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