MPA costs cut through international collaboration

Source: Science for Environment Policy

The cost of a Mediterranean marine protected area (MPA) network could be cut by over two thirds if countries surrounding the Sea collaborate in its creation. This is the conclusion of a study that explored how the Convention on Biological Diversity’s goals to protect wildlife through MPAs could be met cost-efficiently.

Multinational efforts to conserve marine biodiversity make sense given that marine systems are naturally connected. However, in practice, most marine conservation programmes are not coordinated between different countries. This is partly because such programmes are perceived to be more costly.

This study suggests that multinational work can reduce the cost of marine conservation. It explored how different levels of cross-border collaboration would affect the cost of implementing an MPA network in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean Sea is a biodiversity hotspot and one of most complex marine regions in the world. It is bordered by over 20 countries across three continents: Africa, Asia and Europe.

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