Natura 2000 in action! Regional cooperation for implementing the Natura 2000 network

We are Mediterranean

Third Annual Conference of the European Learning Network on Regions and Biodiversity

Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, Barcelona, Spain

Wednesday 10 – Thursday 11 December 2014

This conference will explore the crucial role of regions in the Natura 2000 implementation process and wider biodiversity and nature conservation initiatives across Europe by linking the European Learning Network for Regions and Biodiversity with the Natura 2000 Biogeographical Process.  It aims to bring together key players at local and regional level and to showcase some of the best regional cooperation projects. The many practical examples presented at the knowledge market and during the workshops should provide a good basis and inspiration for the formulation of useful lessons learned and recommendations.

In four parallel workshops participants will explore different and highly relevant aspects of Natura 2000 implementation from the point of view of local and regional authorities:

  • Natura 2000 and regional planning
  • Promoting…

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