Coastal & Marine Union celebrates 25th anniversary in French dunes


With a perfectly organized dunes event EUCC France and around hundred participants including European dune managers and researchers from nine countries, we looked back on 25 years of EUCC (Coastal & Marine), founded in 1989 as the “European Union for Dune conservation and Coastal Management” (EUDC ). During the presentations and during the field visit to the dunes of Merlimont-Berck many stressed the pioneering role that the EUDC / EUCC played, since the first European Dune Congress in Leiden (1987). And there were delicious cakes with candles for 20 years EUCC-France and to celebrate 10 years EUCC Mediterranean Centre. Albert Salman and Pat Doody led the “birthday” and thanked in particular the following congress for special merit: John Houston and Paul Rooney (UK), Jean Favennec, Yvonne and Christine Battiau Clus-Auby (Fr), Jean Louis Herrier (Belgium ), Francisco Taveira Pinto (Portugal) and Rabski Kazimierz (Poland). We are all looking forward to the next 25 years!!


Albert Salman and Maria Ferreira on behalf the Coastal & Marine team