Pre-conference Workshop: Case studies of new mechanisms for improving ocean governance (to) Demystifying the Idea Ocean Governance

16 of November 2014 at the ‘Barcelona Conference’

This joint activity by partners and Friends of the Future Ocean Alliance (FOA) takes place as part of a series of pre-conference workshops of the ‘Barcelona Conference’: 2ND INTERNATIONAL OCEAN RESEARCH CONFERENCE (IORC) 17-21 November 2014. Please extend our invitation across your networks.

Deadline for submissions: 31 of May of 2014 (abstracts max 240 words). Submit at IORC.

Global ocean governance is neither fully absent nor fully ineffective, yet much remains to be done if it is to cope with the increasing pressures on an essential component of global growth and prosperity. The ocean has been on the agenda of many summits, from the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment, in 1972, to the June 2012 Rio+ 20 Earth Summit. Yet, ocean governance is only loosely mainstreamed from global to local levels.

This workshop aims to discuss the many different – partially overlapping but far from compatible – uses of the trendy concept of governance among those who think about contemporary ocean issues. The idea would not be to pick a winner in the sense of a way of thinking about governance we would expect all to adopt. Rather, we want to bring some order to the existing chaos of thinking that goes under the rubric of ocean governance.

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