Maritime Spatial Planning: Shipping

The Conference Maritime Spatial Planning: Shipping in Athens on 6 June 2014 will gather experts, industries and NGOs to discuss the coexistence and synergies between shipping and other maritime sectors in a context of increasing use of marine space.

Shipping, a traditional maritime sector, has to interact with new activities that redefine the use of marine space between movement and fixedness (for example offshore energy and aquaculture). Simultaneously, by 2030, maritime transport is predicted to rise by 50%. Those evolutions create new issues in terms of safety, access to space, environmental concerns and the efficiency and competitiveness of maritime transport.

With the entry into force of the Directive for Maritime Spatial Planning in 2014, MSP will become an increasingly important policy framework. Shipping and port industries will have to be involved in the regional, national and sea-basin processes of the spatial planning of Europe’s seas.

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