Beyond Puma, Coke, Dow: Why more firms value ecosystem services

Source: GreenBiz

Forty-seven companies from around the world now mention natural capital and ecosystem services in publicly available materials, based on findings in a new BSR working paper. This figure is a dozen more than we documented in 2013.

As more companies explore and engage with ecosystem services issues, the business case for corporate action on biodiversity and ecosystem services, which are the key metrics for measuring natural capital, continues to strengthen.

The foundation of the internal business case rests on continual improvement of how companies identify risks and opportunities, particularly associated with costly project delays and supply chain challenges, as well as reputation and privilege-to-operate issues. In addition, many companies use ecosystem services approaches as a strategic part of maintaining long-term access to key natural resource-based inputs, particularly water. Specifically, an ecosystem services analytical approach highlights system dynamics and provides a framework for considering trade-offs in decision-making.

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