ADAPT-MED research project is launched!

We are Mediterranean

adaptmed copyADAPT-MED is a European research project which accompanies local decision-makers in elaborating adaptation strategies to climate and global change in a context of uncertainty, coastal risks, endangerment of ecosystems, as well as urban and water management issues. Partners from France (ACTeon and BRGM), Greece (University of Athens) and Portugal (ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, University of Aveiro-CESAM) will work in three distinct research sites on how knowledge affects perceptions on climate change and how perceptions affect decision-making at all levels (economic, social, environmental policies) when dealing with climate change. It is innovative in the sense that it joins psychological, socio-economic, political science and scientific (geographic, geomorphologic and marine biologic) skills in one project. The project was launched in December 2013 and will last 24 months.

Is current decision making “adapted to internalize adaptation” into policy making?
Launched within Circle-2 research program on “Water and Adaptation to Climate Change from a natural…

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