BojaNaTour, an ICZM project in Montenegro focusing on tourism and nature

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We are Mediterranean

Ulcinj, in the south coast of Montenegro, is an important tourist destination in the summer for neighbouring countries. Furthermore, it hosts one a highest valuable ecological sites in the Balkans coast, the Bojana delta, shared with Albania. These two facts require an integrated management allowing win-win situations. In this context, the recently started BojaNaTour project – Fostering and Bringing Together Nature, Tourism and Civil Society at Bojana Delta through Integrated Coastal Zone Management- is seeking for synergies between nature and tourism.

The project is led by the ECNC Land and Sea Group, which gathers together expertise from EUCC Mediterranean Centre, the European Centre for Nature Conservation and Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC). In Ulcinj, the local partners are the Ulcinjs Business Assocation (UBA) and the NGO GreenStep. It is funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF).

BojaNaTour uses ICZM as framework to pursue sustainable development in Ulcinj…

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