The Shetland Islands’ Marine Spatial Plan

Shetland Islands Council will adopt the fourth edition of the Shetland Islands’ Marine Spatial Plan (SMSP) as ‘Supplementary Guidance’ to the emerging Shetland Local Development Plan in 2014.  The Shetland Local Development Plan together with any Supplementary Guidance sets out the policies and criteria against which planning applications and works licences submitted in Shetland will be considered.

The SMSP provides an overarching policy framework to guide marine development and activity out to 12 nautical miles.  It incorporates authoritative spatial data on the marine environment, its various uses and assets.

The policies and maps in the SMSP will be material considerations in decision-making on individual marine planning applications and works licences within Shetland’s coastal and marine waters out to 12 nautical miles.  It is hoped the SMSP will also provide a useful resource for all users of the marine environment including developers, planners and regulators.

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