In Memory of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weidemann,

14.08.1934 – 21.12.2013

Gerhard WeidenmanOnly some days before Christmas, Dr. Gerhard Weidemann, professor of Ecology at the University of Bremen passed away on 21st of December 2013 in his home at Worpswede, close to Bremen (Germany). We have lost a distinguished ecologist, who influenced with his ideas and visions the science of ecology at the University of Bremen and far beyond.

Apart from being very enganged in university didactics and political issues, Gerd Weidemann was a dedicated systems ecologist with long-term perspective and interdisciplinary approach. As a nature lover and true connaisseur of biodiversity he identified Jutland’s dunes (Denmark) not only as almost a second home for his family, but as a favorite research object. With interdisciplinary student projects he used to visit these magnificient catenas regularly, involving the students in research work on succession, biodiversity, biogenic sand stabilization and coastal protection. He got involved in the EUCC  in 2003 and has contributed with his group to the ecology of coastal dunes and the threats they are facing.

Hartmut Koehler, Bremen, January 2014