Role of academic and private partnerships to address energy and water nexus in arid regions, including islands and peninsulas

Muir-2013Renewable Energy and the Role of Academic and Private Partnerships for Energy and Water Nexus in Arid Regions

Author: Professor Magdalena A K Muir, Aarhus University and Arctic Institute of North America[1]

Energy and Water Nexus for Arid regions

Sustainable energy development and water linkages were recognised at the UN Conference on Sustainable Development, Rio+20, with recognition continuing across a broad variety of UN and international initiatives. For example, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs is very engaged in explore energy and water nexus, particularly in the context of alleviate water scarcity and poverty both globally and in arid regions such as northern Africa and the Middle East.

Renewable energy help address water security and scarcity by integrating energy and water systems, and combining renewable energy with desalination. International policy developments are also underway, such as the Global Dry Land Alliance, initially proposed by Qatar at…

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