COP 18 Istanbul: Mediterranean policy-makers commit to protect marine and coastal environment and sustainable development in the Mediterranean

We are Mediterranean

Source: UNEP/MAP

Ministers and Heads of Delegations from 21 Mediterranean Countries Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, and the European Commission committed to take all the necessary measures to make the Mediterranean a clean, healthy and productive sea with conserved ecosystems. This came in the framework of the 18th Ordinary Contracting parties meeting (CoP 18) that was held in Turkey from 3 to 6 December, organized by UNEP/MAP, the Barcelona Convention Secretariat and hosted by the Turkish Government.

The meeting included a ministerial segment, attended by more than half of the Mediterranean ministers and deputy ministers. For the first time, Mediterranean countries and the European Union discussed and agreed to promote Environment Friendly Cities that apply integrated coastal zone management principles to urban planning, introduce green technologies to reduce environmental pollution and adhere to the ecosystem based management of human activities.

In his welcoming speech at the opening of the…

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