Summary of Oceans Issues from IPCC Fifth Assessment Report’s Summary for Policymakers –

Special Article by Dr. Magdalena Muir at GLOBAL OCEAN FORUM NEWSLETTER–DECEMBER 2013

The article is a brief compilation of key oceans observations in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report’s Summary for Policy Makers issued in September 2013. It begins with introductory remarks about the Fifth Assessment Report and the Summary for Policy Makers and their importance for oceans. It reiterates key observed changes for oceans in the climate system, specifically ocean warming, sea
level rise and Arctic sea ice changes, and ocean acidification. The article then discusses the role of oceans in the climate system and recent changes. Finally, it considers future global and regional climate change for oceans.
Oceans observations are generally consistent between this assessment report and the prior report but that more research and more accurate oceans measurements are considered in the current report.

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