EUCC calls international dune community for symposium and field workshop in France

Integrated Coastal Dune Management

Merlimont 17th-19th June 2014

hosted by EUCC-France and Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC)



Tuesday 17th: Symposium on Integrated Coastal dune Management in Europe. Case studies

Wednesday 18th: Field workshop in the dune field of Merlimont-Berck

Thursday 19th: Forum and synthesis results of symposium and field workshop

The meeting is organized by EUCC-France and the Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC) in partnership with ONF, the Merlimont town council, the community of “Mer & Terres d’Opale” and other territorial French authorities

Symposium: Integrated Coastal Dune Management in Europe – Case studies

The Merlimont symposium will allow exchanges of experiences and practices between scientists, experts and managers of the different European countries concerned by coastal dunes. It will focus on recent case studies and will be followed by a field workshop in the wide well protected dune field of Merlimont-Berck close to densely frequented beach-resorts.

Details (provisional)

First session: new advance in coastal dunes research (case studies) monitoring biodiversity dune mobility and rejuvenation…

Second session: current management practices in the different European countries (case studies)

1.   technical aspects

2.   adaptation to the human pressure

3.   nature conservation policy…

Third session (provisional):  contribution of policy makers and local authorities to coastal dune management. Case studies

Organization Committee

EUCC-France: Y.Battiau-Queney- C. Clus-Auby – Vincent Bawedin – Jean Favennec – Patrick Bazin (Conservatoire du Littoral) – Loïc Gouguet (ONF).

Coastal & Marine Union (EUCC): Albert Salman, Maria Ferreira, Mike Mannaart

Call to abstracts and oral presentations

Abstracts (in English) will be submitted on line (one page, Word format, simple line spacing, Times News Roman) before February 15th 2014. They must be sent to

They will be selected for oral presentations by the scientific committee before the 15th of March.

Oral presentations will last 15’ + 5’ of discussion. Presentations will be in English or in French (in that case they will be illustrated by a Power-Point in English). English presentations can be illustrated by a power-Point in French (recommended).

Texts of selected presentations must be sent before the 17th of June (8 pages maximum, figures included, simple line spacing, Times New Roman). They will be reviewed by the scientific committee before publication in the symposium proceedings.


  • submission of abstracts (in English):  February 15th 2014
  • selection of abstracts by the scientific committee: 15th March
  • submission of text of selected presentations: 17th June
  • process of reviewing of texts of oral presentations: beginning 17th  June
  • publication of the symposium proceedings expected before 15th  October 2014

Registration fees and practical information will be given soon (see