Research report: Hazard analysis for offshore carbon capture platforms and offshore pipelines


This publication is based around an analysis of an offshore CO2 dispersion modelling exercise, carried out by the Health and Safety Laboratory for the Energy Institute. It provides a useful example from which individuals could develop further hazard models, and describes how some of the hazards might be mitigated. This document was produced to compliment the already published onshore version of this document:

Technical Guidance on hazard analysis for onshore carbon capture installations and onshore pipelines.

In addition it acts as a guide for the health and safety hazard analysis for offshore management of pipelines and platforms, where CO2 will be present as a part of carbon capture and storage (CCS) installations; communicate existing knowledge on pipeline and offshore facility design and operation; and identify areas of uncertainty where existing knowledge cannot be applied with sufficient confidence, considering the scale and nature of expected CCS operations in the future.

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