10 years at the service of a healthy Mediterranean Sea and coast!

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We are Mediterranean

TenYearsDoble_WebAlfa-1 copyTen years have passed since that 27th November 2003, when a committed group of EUCC International Secretariat staff, Mediterranean members and network constituted as founding assembly of EUCC Mediterranean Centre with the aim to serve EUCC mission in the Mediterranean region and focus on issues of particular importance for this area. The Centre has become a relevant player in Mediterranean coastal and marine issues and recently up taking the Mediterranean representation of the ECNC Group, one of Europe’s largest groupings of expertise and experience on nature, biodiversity, sustainability and coastal and marine issues.

Looking backwards we like to think that we have succeeded on promoting sustainable, integrated policy approaches to land, sea and coast and actively stimulating interaction, communication and bridges between science, society and policy.

Examples of our policy efforts can be our work in Morocco, where we facilitated the setting up of a Cellule du…

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