Rising sea levels are threat to ports, experts say


Due to rising sea levels, storms will make it more likely that the Port of Long Beach’s wharves will be damaged, critical roads submerged and utilities harmed, bringing activity at one of the state’s economic hubs to a disruptive lurch, experts say.

And to some extent, it’s inevitable, Rick Cameron, the director of environmental affairs and planning at the port, said Friday at the Aquarium of the Pacific during a joint hearing of the Assembly’s Select Committee On Sea Level Rise And The California Economy and the Select Committee On Ports.

“There will be sea level rise,” he said.

Predictions show that by 2100, the water will rise between 55 and 66 inches above its current level. That in itself isn’t too much of an issue, but when it’s combined with the longer, more severe and more regular storms and floods that are expected to accompany global climate change, it creates serious problems, experts from around the state said.

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