Unique assessment of threats to the world’s oceans published

The key findings of the book Managing Ocean Environments in a Changing Climate made headlines last year with its estimates of the financial value of the world’s oceans.
Now the complete book – the work of an international, multi-disciplinary team of experts coordinated by the Stockholm Environment Institute – has been published. It is a unique summary of the current state of the most important threats to the seas – ocean warming, acidification, hypoxia, sea-level rise, pollution, and overuse of marine resources.
An extended executive summary of the book, as well as selected preview chapters, are available here: http://www.sei-international.org/publications?pid=2064
More information on the book, and a link to the full text, can be found here: http://www.sei-international.org/publications?pid=2422
The analysis is especially pertinent in the context of the recent IPCC report of IPCC WG1. Among other recommendations, the book urges policy-makers to fully consider the threats to ocean services in broader economic and development plans, including by valuing the massive ‘blue carbon’ absorption potential of marine ecosystems. The authors also call for local measures, such as marine protected areas (MPAs), to boost the resilience of marine ecosystems to insure against the growing risk of extreme events like mass coral bleaching and more intense tropical storms.
The groundbreaking feature of the study is that it begins with a holistic, global-scale perspective, and then shows how the same approach can be applied on a regional scale, for the Pacific. Previous efforts have usually compiled local studies, which are impossible to properly integrate to the global scale.
The full book is published by Elsevier, and is available at ScienceDirect, here: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/book/9780124076686 (Paywall).