Revegetation to restore the hydrological cycle – Policy Brief released

The participants from the [CIRCLE-2] Workshop on “Adaptation to Climate Change: revegetation to recover hydrological cycles as an Ecosystem Service.” on 10 to 12 of September, 2013 – Teruel (Spain) decided to jointly write a Policy Brief with the main messages and recommendations. Now this policy brief is available for download.

The Ecosystem based Adaptation is clearly an emergent topic among the climate community, in particular when talking about the hydrological cycle. But what do we know about it? What are the main gaps? What still need to be done?
To respond to some of these questions, CIRCLE-2 has organized a transdisciplinar workshop that join a diversified range of perspectives both from multidisciplinary research fields as well as from other relevant stakeholders. All the presentations are available here:
The main output of the workshop is a Policy Brief that was just launched. You can download it HERE.