Ghost fishing: from waste to wear

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We are Mediterranean

Source: Recycling International

Europe: Healthy Seas, an international initiative working to stop ‘ghost fishing’, has claimed an ‘important milestone’ in its successful pilot programme by retrieving 20 tonnes of discarded fishing nets from the bottom of the North Sea. The unwieldy plastics are now on their way to Slovenia to be ‘regenerated’ into ECONYL yarn.
Scuba divers and salvage specialists collaborating with Healthy Seas spent all summer bringing layers and layers of runaway fishing nets to the surface along the coasts of the Netherlands and Belgium. The recovered nets were stored at a depot in the Netherlands’ Scheveningen harbour.The 20 tonnes of fishing nets is a promising start but represents only a fraction of the worsening marine litter problem, Healthy Seas cautions. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) calculates that the oceans contain 640 000 tonnes of abandoned fishing nets, accounting for a tenth of all ocean waste.


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