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 EUCC’s magazine Coastal & Marine Special on ‘Preparing to Adapt’ (volume 2013-2) , ISSN 1877-7953

“Sharing experiences in integrated coastal zone management will contribute to sound development of coastal resources and to find resilient, adaptive responses to climate change.”

This is one of the main messages extracted from the wealth of experiences compiled in the ‘Climate of Coastal Cooperation – CCC’ Production (Book & Internet Publication). Transferring experiences in coastal research, management and development in the Light of future coastal changes is a major aim.

In order to ensure that the CCC develops into a new way to prepare for a sustainable coastal future with innovative solutions, it is good to involve young professionals at an early stage, to make them become familiar with integrated management approaches. This has been the climate in which the practical CCC knowledge has been shared with students from three academia, for a try-out in 2012. The three cooperating Colleges/Universities for Applied Sciences are the Belgium College KHBO, Bruges – Ostend, the Dutch Delta Academy, HZ University of Applied Sciences, Vlissingen and the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden.

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