Coral Triangle Atlas

Source: Coral Triangle Atlas

The Coral Triangle Atlas (CT Atlas) is an online GIS database, providing governments, NGOs and researchers with a view of spatial data at the regional scale. Data on fisheries, biodiversity, natural resources, and socioeconomics have been collected for decades by scientists and managers working in different parts of the Coral Triangle region. However, to date, little of this information has been aggregated into region-wide layers to provide an overview and support management planning and decision-making at a regional level.

Conserving the Coral Triangle

This CT Atlas project will improve the efficiency of management and conservation planning in the region by giving researchers and managers access to spatial information while encouraging them to share their data to complete the gaps, therefore reducing duplicate data collection efforts and providing the most complete and most current data available. The CT Atlas will be particularly useful in the design and planning of MPAs and MPA Networks throughout the region.

Thus, the expansion of the CT Atlas project will improve conservation by:

  1. Giving scientists and decision makers a vision of ecological processes beyond political boundaries
  2. Providing the building blocks to use Spatial Decision Support Systems (SDSS) such as MARXAN for marine conservation planning.
  3. Avoiding duplication of efforts, enabling valuable time and resources to be most effectively allocated

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