Sustainable Tourism Best Practices

QualityCoast intern Gloria de Santa Catalina has delivered the first series of best practice cases for the VISTAS programme (Visions Innovative Sustainable Tourism Award Series). VISTAS was launched at the ITB Tourism Expo in Berlin, aiming to encourage tourism destinations to exchange and apply good practices in sustainable tourism worldwide. VISTAS is managed by five leading international networks:  Vision, ECOTRANS, EDEN, EUCC-QualityCoast, and Alpine Pearls, under the umbrella of the  DestiNet Innovation Group (DIG). In this programme, EUCC-QualityCoast supports local and regional authorities throughout the European Union in the field of sustainable tourism. Since VISTAS was launched, Gloria de Santa Catalina has been working on this initiative from the QualityCoast-EUCC office in Leiden. After completing her MSc studies in the field of environmental sciences, Gloria received a Leonardo da Vinci grant (from the Foundation University de La Rioja) to undertake a 6-month traineeship at EUCC. During this time, Gloria has been responsible for selecting and preparing best practice examples in QualityCoast Policy Award destinations, covering all possible fields of tourism sustainability such as nature management, ecosystem and environmental restoration, transport and mobility, energy and climate change, community and business involvement, etc. In order to complete the cases, Gloria had to liaise with the destinations to obtain information about various important aspects of the good practices (problem context, location, stakeholders, actors, success factors, etc.). “Since I start my internship I knew that it would be an enriching experience, and I can now say that it has fulfilled my expectations. I feel that a lot more responsibility than I had realistically expected was passed along to the interns. Working on the VISTAS programme has allowed me to gain insight into tourism sustainability and developed a great skill set as an intern with plenty of guidance from the team around me and especially from Albert Salman, who has been an invaluable support during my whole internship. I really appreciate the work they do and I would love to continue collaborating with QualityCoast in the future”, Gloria said during her presentation at EUCC’s headquarters.