OSPAR agrees further steps to protect the Marine Environment in Gothenburg

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Source: OSPAR

On 28th June 2013 the OSPAR Commission agreed on several new and innovative measures in its mission to ensure that human activities in the North East Atlantic are carried out in step with the natural ecosystems of the North East Atlantic. Meeting in Gothenburg (Sweden) this week, the sixteen Contracting Parties to the OSPAR Convention agreed the following:
·         Areas of ecological or scientific interest in the high seas.  These are to be proposed as submissions to the Convention on Biodiversity, working together with the North East Atlantic Fisheries Commission;
·         A first set of Common indicators to assess the status of the North East Atlantic and its subregions.  This is a step forward in coordinating and extending marine monitoring within the OSPAR area, as also required by the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive;
·         Joint Guidelines with the Helsinki Commission on the granting of…

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