HERRING – a project on the integrated management of coastal habitats is now online

HERRING – a project funded by the South Baltic Cross-border Co-operation Programme and led by EUCC Germany has launched its project website. It offers the possibility to learn more about the project, its activities and objectives and about the three coastal case studies in Sweden, Poland, and Germany that are under close observation for the project.

Currently, the project collects and compiles knowledge about herring habitat conditions, human spatial activities, and the institutional management settings in the regional case study areas. In autumn, results will firstly be discussed in regional stakeholder round tables before then being exchanged and compared between the three countries on an international level. Experiences and best-practice examples will be critically appraised to develop joint recommendations for an improved consideration of coastal spawning area management within overall integrated coastal and maritime management. Herring will function as an example in this respect, being a typical cross-border natural resource in the South Baltic.

Have a look at www.baltic-herring.eu to find out more about it.

Logo HERRING Project